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40GB stock running low in anticipation of new 80GB model


A new PS3 SKU will go to sale in Europe on August 27th. Already, the effects of the newly announced 80GB Core model has been affecting the sales stream of the 40GB model. According to HMV's commercial manager for games, stock of the 40GB model is dwindling as retailers prepare for the newly upgraded model. For those interested in picking up a PS3, it appears waiting for the 80GB model next month would be the wise choice.

"40GB stock has been in very short supply over the last few weeks ... PlayStation 3 will now boast a monopoly on Blu-ray, increased storage space and Play TV in the near future," Jonathan Hayes noted. "All this points to a stronger proposition for Sony going into Christmas. The only disappointment was the lack of backward compatibility compared to the US version."

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