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Feminists unhappy with Fat Princess


Editor's Note: This article contains vulgar language.

Fat Princess
has garnered a lot of attention when it debuted at E3. The startlingly violent PSN multiplayer game got accolades from gamers and critics alike for its unique premise and appealing gameplay. However, not everyone is happy with Fat Princess.

Shakesville (picture, above) notes that the title furthers inappropriate gender stereotypes and continues the culture of ridicule that many overweight individuals must suffer through. "Anyway, congrats on your awesome new game, Sony. I'm positively thrilled to see such unyielding dedication to creating a new generation of fat-hating, heteronormative assholes. It's not often I have the opportunity to congratulate a cutting-edge tech company on such splendiferous retrofuck jackholery. Way to go! The Fat Princess of Shakes Manor salutes you."

Feminist Gamers has a suggestion: they want the game to avoid making the princess become fat with cake. Instead, there are other non-"cute" ways of going about this, in terms of gameplay: "So how about layering, Karamari-style, a bunch of random shit on top of the chest, like shrubbery, rocks, bison, etc, that would also weight it down. That could be cute, and silly, and not reinforce nasty stereotypes about women and the obese."


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