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Nokia Pilots: test bleeding edge stuff, if you're lucky

Chris Ziegler

Nokia's already putting some serious commitment into soliciting comments, complaints, and suggestions for new products from the hive mind through its Beta Labs program, but apparently, that's not quite enough. Nokia Pilots is the name of the next phase of that effort, launching in September with the goal of allowing average Janes and Joes to take "an active role in the development and testing that will help shape Nokia's next generation of products and services." The Pilots page actually says that "recruitment" for the program will begin in September, indicating that there'll be some sort of application and acceptance process for hopping on board this time around, rather than the free-for-all that is Beta Labs. If that means Espoo intends on doling out fancy new unreleased hardware to eager testers, count us in -- but if that means there'll be new software betas out there with limited access, let us be the first to express our utter outrage (sorry, Nokia, we know we're being unreasonable here, but we may as well get a head start here and hedge our bets while we wait for September to roll around).

[Via All About Symbian]

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