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Pi Story opens open beta


If you ever played Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo, and thought it would be totally awesome if they could make that sort of side scrolling, action-adventure fun into an MMO, then Aeria Games' Pi Story might be just the game you're looking for. To give you that chance, they have just started open beta, and further, in the most time-limited offer ever, they are giving away 50% bonus Aeria Points (the tender of their cash shop), if you buy before noon US Pacific Time (3PM Eastern Time). So if you're a fan of any of Aeria Games' MMOs, and the sale is still on, check it out.

Pi Story is a sidescrolling MMO in the style of old console action RPGs. Players meet in hub cities, and grouping is as easy as clicking on someone's "Join Party" button over their heads, and heading to an adventure is then a single click away. Additionally, you have your own room to decorate, and though the game can be played entirely for free, there is a cash shop available for purchasing power-ups and other goodies.

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