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    Pioneer's KURO PDP-5020FD plasma reviewed, not as flawless as previously assumed

    Darren Murph

    Now that you've seen what the Pro-111FD can do, how's about a closer look at the PDP-5020FD? A member of Pioneer's second-generation KURO plasma family, this display was held in high regards from day one, although a recent CNET review explains that may it have received a bit too much credit. Yeah, it did produce the deepest blacks reviewers had ever seen on a big-screen display, and color decoding was also pleasantly accurate. The port selection was praised alongside the gorgeous anti-reflective screen, but surprisingly, not all was well. For starters, Pioneer is charging a small fortune for this thing, thus every flaw is understandably magnified. Critics found that primary colors were "inaccurate," and they seemed to lament the omission of advanced picture controls. In the end, the unit still received an "Excellent" badge, but it's hard to say this one is totally worthy of the sky-high price tag.

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