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Plans revealed for coming Age of Conan patches

Adrian Bott

Keeping up the new Funcom focus on communication (so far so good), Tarib has given us a look at what's coming this week and next week in Age of Conan. Funcom are apparently aware that a big stumbling block for AoC players is the existence of memory leaks, so those are first in the firing line for bugfixes.

Caster pet behavior has also been corrected, after former patches left them acting too passively. Expenditure on feat point respecs is being reset, so the next one a player does will be treated as if it were the first - the closest thing to a 'free respec' that Funcom has offered so far.

Next week's update will see changes to the Pyramid of the Ancients and Toirdebach's Tomb. We're keeping a careful eye on the former, as it is one of the areas of the game where players fear the censorship falchion may strike. We'll soon discover if these fears were at all warranted. Finally, there are major changes to the resource and building zones, which had previously been rather grindy and boring.

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