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Sonic and the Black Knight scann'd and quartered

Phil Larsen

We promised an update, so here we are! That oft-discussed Nintendo Power cover did contain some righteous screens of Sonic and the Black Knight within its papery (Remember paper? The stuff you learned stuff from before the internet?) depths, and we commandeered the above shot for your viewing pleasure.

This new Sonic adventure takes the series in a new direction which, as evidenced by fans continuously lamenting the destruction of the franchise, is sorely needed. The initial reaction hasn't been positive, as fans don't expect this game to be some kind of salvation. Some gameplay details have been revealed, including multiple characters (namely Shadow and Knuckles), different sword maneuvers, and a system which earns knighthood points depending on your good or bad actions during levels. Oh, and his sword is named Calibur, and it talks.

Well, we all wanted Sonic to go really fast, and that turned out to be a big bust, so what now? Do you feel like a passenger on a train bound for Shovelware City? Check out the rest of the scans at Gamekyo and have your say.

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