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Virtuoso Mission: Satriana, Vai tracks hitting Guitar Hero III


Activision is set to add three new tracks to Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock's downloadable setlist. Songs from true guitar heroes Joe Satriani (above) and Steve Vai will be available to download this Thursday, along with another from Buckethead, the guitarist best known to gamers for the GH2 track "Jordan" and rock listeners for wearing a KFC bucket on his head while playing. (Though likely not for having worked on the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie soundtrack.)

The DLC – aptly titled "The Virtuoso Pack" – has yet to be priced, but three song GH3 sets have historically cost 500 MS points (or $6.25 from the PlayStation Store). Here are the specific tracks, complete with video links for your memory-jogging pleasure:

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