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Win a set of Comic-Con exclusive Halo figures

Dustin Burg

Do you recall the two Comic-Con exclusive Halo action figures that Todd McFarlane announced would only be available for purchase in San Diego later this week? Do you have a painful itch to own both exclusive figures but will not be able to attend this year's Comic-Con funnery? Well, we have good news. The McFarlane crew are giving away a set of the Comic-Con exclusive Halo figures via and all you have to do to enter is register by July 31st. Then, if you win, you'll be the proud owner of both an EVA "HellSpartan" and a CQB active camouflage figure. Your winning odds are pretty slim, but for those who aren't attending Comic-Con (see: us) it's your only chance at owning the exclusive figures other than overpaying for them on eBay.

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