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Aion character creation video shows impressive customization options

Matt Warner

Do you dislike character creation systems with limited customization? Clicking through the options there's not many hair styles to pick from and very limited facial choices. It lacks, the character creation system lacks everything. Or worse, there are a zillion facial sliders to adjust your eyebrows and ears, but once you log into the game all the tedious detail you worked on didn't really customize your character's facial traits at all. The only genuine difference amidst the throng of doppelgangers at the local market is newbie grab and high-end shiny equipment.

As US Aion fans wait to play the game, let's look at Aion's mind-blowing character creation system. From the looks of the above video finding your doppelganger won't happen often in Aion: The Tower of Eternity. The character creation system looks to be a remarkable accomplishment considering Aion only features two playable races with the same origins, the Elyos and the Asmodians. As for Aion's current status, it wrapped up its latest closed Korean beta test yesterday. The patch notes from the Korean beta were translated to English recently, which added new content, balance changes, and lots more. One more bonus video is available for viewing after the cut.

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