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Analysts forecast 10-percent growth in universal remote market

Steven Kim

Research firm Parks Associates is calling for double digit (just) compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the universal remote category between now and 2013. Knowing how the average consumer is more willing to live with a basket of remotes than plunking down money on a universal model, the 10-percent CAGR is nothing to sneeze at. We're a little troubled by the trend of increasing system complexity called out in the report, however. While we're resigned to ever-increasing complexity in AV systems, average consumers would really like to see things head in the other direction. Hiding the complexity in the remote also tends to make remote set-up complex, which will definitely threaten that growth rate. Also, the report doesn't cal out technologies like HDMI-CEC, which we'd really like to see take off. These gripes aside, though, we're hoping that remote makers take the findings as an incentive to innovate.

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