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Engadget HD Podcast 094 - 07.23.2008

Trent Wolbe
It wasn't easy to find things to talk about this week, but wouldn't you know there was not stopping as once we got started. As you can expect we got a little riled up about sales people recommending LCDs over Plasmas by three to one, even though they don't know why. Then we talked some Hollywood vs the consumer as we shared our ideas and personal ethics when it comes to copyright. That brought us to some more Vista Media Center news, and our dismay with Microsoft and its OEM only updates. Finally, we talk a little Engadget as we're both sorry to see our fearless leader move on.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim

Trent Wolbe

00:42 - Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 093 - 07.16.2008
06:24 - DISH Network's EchoStar XI successfully reaches orbit
08:11 - Research finds that salespeople recommend LCD TVs more than plasmas
13:00 - Motorola / Cisco see Tuning Adapters certified
14:39 - Hollywood can already control what you record on your DVR
25:25 - CableLabs loosens up on PC CableCARD tuner restrictions
27:06 - Windows Media Center TV Pack was released yesterday
35:14 - FiOS TV quietly adds USA HD and CNBC HD all around the country
38:55 - CBS Evening News goes HD July 28
43:13 - Some News From the Editor's Desk


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