Some news from the editor's desk

For most of us here, at some point the sensation of breaking the news takes hold and turns into something else, something much more like an addiction. It really gets into you, keeps you up at night, makes you stay in on weekends. It's in Engadget's DNA, and it's what's kept me glued to the site most waking hours of most days for over four years now.

But fresh challenges can also be addictive, which is why I've decided to step down as editor of this publication in late August so as to start a new company. I'm extremely excited -- but there's also simply no way I can give up working with Engadget that easily, so I'll remain on as editor-at-large, where I'll have a longer-term advisory role to the site (and do some writing from time to time, as well).

I'll be leaving Engadget in the immensely talented hands of Josh Topolsky, whose vision and voice will ensure the site lives up to its legacy as gadget publication nonpareil. Also, Engadget's current Managing Editor Joshua Fruhlinger will soon begin to formally oversee the AOL Tech network, including Switched, TUAW, Download Squad, and the Engadget network. With Josh Topolsky at the helm and Joshua Fruhlinger's stewardship, I have no doubt that Engadget won't just carry on, but will become even better than ever. Read on.

Suffice it to say, Engadget has developed into one of the most vital, respected technology media brands of the decade. And not unlike the gadget industry we cover, the site and the medium have changed and matured immensely in the past few years. It wasn't so long ago that Peter and I were scraping around, pitching stories to Slashdot, scrambling to get press passes, and just generally struggling to get a blog taken seriously in a magazine's world. Today it's easy to take for granted that a publication like this even exists -- but I don't think anyone, especially us, ever thought Engadget would become what it has.

So if you're supposed to quit while you're on top, then I'll be doing just that: Engadget continues to enjoy growth at a healthy clip even despite leading the medium -- and that has everything to do with the dozen editors who work their asses off day in and day out. Among Engadget's ranks are some of the leaders in new technology journalism -- easily the strongest, most clever and adept team this publication has ever had. And amongst Engadget's readership we count not only millions of the world's most discerning technology enthusiasts, but many (if not most) of the leaders of the consumer electronics industry. It's already a pretty big legacy to live up to, but this team, led by Josh, will continue to impress.

As for me, well, it's my hope that this next company will live up to the high expectations of the technology community. Although it won't directly compete with Engadget, I'll still be striving to meet the very same standards which drove Peter and I to make this site the blue-chip brand it is today. It's hard to say whether I'll ever be able to match the successes Engadget's enjoyed, but it's going to be a lot of fun trying.

I feel personally indebted for the feedback and support of anyone that's ever come out to an Engadget reader meetup, stopped by to say hi at a trade show (or even occasionally on the street!), posted a comment, or even called me out (well, most of the time!). You made me a better editor and Engadget a better site -- one that I really look forward to reading for many years to come.


P.S. -For those interested in keeping in touch or keeping tabs on the new project, feel free to hit up my personal blog and Twitter feed!