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Hellgate: London saved by Namco-Bandai

Michael Zenke

Didn't really think we'd be talking about this game ever again, but it's nice to be wrong. Tipster Matt let us know that a Senior Director for Business development has posted to the official Hellgate:London forums letting everyone know that 'word' is coming soon. On Monday Ping0 employee Tiggs posted to the same thread, telling folks not to worry. Now it appears that, via this post by Namco's Zack "Ozuri" Karlsson, there really is nothing to worry about.

Says Karlsson, "The game is up, the servers are not going away in the short term and any major changes to status will be communicated in advance. I'd like to ask for your patience as we try to figure it all out and chart a new course. We value your community, your commitment, and your passion for Hellgate and we will make sure that any solution that we architect will support all of you as best as we are able. Thanks again. We hope to have a real announcement shortly." Vague, yes, but one thing isn't vague at all: Hellgate: London now has an official game page on the Namco-Bandai site. Looks like the legacy of Flagship will live on!
Thanks for the tip, Matt!

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