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Paramount is completely Clueless


The list of things the DS needs is getting shorter all the time. Sure, we could all do with attack lasers, or our own printers (for money), but these are just needless luxuries. DS fans are pretty well set up. But even if there was a long list, the longest of lists, of possible games and ideas for the DS, a game based on the movie Clueless wouldn't be anywhere near the list. They wouldn't even be on the same continent.

But this isn't a question of good ideas and bad ideas. As if. It's a question of easy money shovelware "expanding the core casual gaming audience," and what better way to do that than to release a game based on a movie that's more than a decade old? It's brilliant, as is the game, which charges players with matching up potential love interests based on totally important factors, like their clothing.

Clueless, from Paramount Digital Entertainment, is slated for the DS -- and the PC -- late this year, along with PC titles based on Pretty in Pink and Mean Girls.

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