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Scion car prototypes to be drivable in There

Samuel Axon

Toyota-owned car manufacturer Scion has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with virtual world There. The company operates a virtual nightclub shaped like existing Scion car models. According to virtual worlds blog Worlds in Motion, the company has now decided it likes this kind of marketing so much that it is introducing three concept cars -- the Hako Coupe, the FUSE, and t2b -- into the game as drivable player vehicles. There has always placed a fair amount of emphasis on vehicles, so this seems to fit.

At GDC earlier this year, we performed in-depth analysis of Scion's There campaign (and hosted some images depicting its plans) and came to the conclusion that it was pretty novel. At the time, we reported that There users had spent a total of 1,915 hours in Club Scion. Since then, that number has risen to 3,000. Whatever your feelings on in-game advertising are, it seems be working in this case.

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