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SMPTE working out how to bring 3D home


One of the many reasons our killer Captain EO home theater setup hasn't become a reality yet is because even with more than a few kinds of 3D HDTV equipment on shelves, there's no standard that guarantees that next Hannah Montana Blu-ray disc will be able to take advantage of it. The SMPTE hopes to change all of that, establishing a task force (has anyone asked the 3D@Home Consortium how they feel about it?) with the mandate of creating a standard for 3D "content distributed via broadcast, cable, satellite, packaged media and the Internet and played-out on televisions, computer screens and other tethered displays". The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers are the fine people behind nearly every way you currently experience AV at home, so after the inaugural meeting August 19 and six months to create a report (EE Times notes actually setting a standard could take 18-30 months, so don't move the furniture yet), really all that's left is to explain our Michael Jackson infatuation.

[Via EE Times]

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