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SOE throwing block party at Comic Con

Chris Chester

This blogger has always been rather jealous of San Diego residents. In hosting Comic Con, they not only get to meet the best and brightest that the comic industry has to offer, but increasingly, they're getting attention by big names in the MMO industry too. We knew that SOE was going to be in attendance, showing off DC Universe Online in playable form. We've now gotten word, via Grimwell's Blog, that they'll also be hosting a block party on Saturday the 26th outside of the Con proper for anybody in the San Diego area who wants to stop by, Con attendee or no.

They'll be busing people to and from the Con to their location, where they'll have food, unreleased games to play, a live band, and plenty of SOE employees to bug about their games old and new. As icing on the cake (do you really need icing?), Jim Lee be making an appearance from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. To say this blogger is simply jealous would be a gross understatement.

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