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Zero Punctuation reviews Age of Conan

Matt Warner

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw is the naughty charismatic pontificating stallion behind Zero Punctuation, the hilarious weekly videogame review web program. It's not often Croshaw will review an MMORPG, so it is apropos to share the latest Zero Punctuation with the new roast target being Age of Conan. The review itself contains naughty words making it: NSFW.

Reviewing MMORPGs isn't an easy endeavor. The MMORPG is a beast, various systems, game mechanics, and time sinks to wade through to get from beginning to the end. To give an honest and fair shake it takes hundreds hours of investment for the reviewer to familiarize and formulate a real knowledgeable opinion. MMORPGs aren't fair in that regard, and reviews aren't very sticky since most MMOs are undergoing constant development. But come on, it's Zero Punctuation!

We do have to give Croshaw kudos for disclosing what level he reached in Age of Conan. Many professional gamer reviewers do not disclose such information. Finally, we may be mouth breathing nerds but according to Croshaw "Age of Conan is not World of Warcraft." Some of our readers may veto that notion. If that ZP didn't hit the spot check out why Massively's own Kevin Murane quit playing Age of Conan, and if you are still playing Age of Conan be sure to catch up on all the latest coverage.

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