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Brief glimpse of City of Heroes Issue 13

Adrian Bott

IGN have been talking to NCSoft at ComicCon, and have come away with a few pieces of intel about City of Heroes Issue 13. Most surprising is how it's described as the last free Issue for 2008. There's only been one issue so far this year, which was Issue 12: Midnight Hour, so by rights there ought to be one more - unless NCsoft are hinting at some sort of paid expansion? Or it could just be a communications blip.

As well as confirmation of the anticipated ongoing Power Proliferation, we find out a little more about the Mission Maker. The number of foes with which you can populate a mission is, understandably, capped (no endless flow of XP there, then) and we're intrigued by the possibility that you can decide what impact the mission has on the world around you. It's our opinion that this may simply refer to the dialog the NPC pedestrians come out with as you pass by - 'I hear Captain Guacamole stopped a raid by the Fifth Column on the Founders Falls cappucino shop!' - but it could be more wide ranging than this.

The ability to 'choose who you work with' also has lots of potential. Though it's not explained in the article, it may well mean NPC allies could be added, such as Lady Jane, Fusionette, Doc Delilah, Ohmtown, Becky the Tarantula Mistress and all the other stalwarts of the CoX missions. It would be features like this that prevented the Mission Maker from simply being a 'newspaper/radio mission generator' as some players have feared it will be.

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