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E308: Wii Fanboy takes a hammer to Our House


Majesco had a solid line-up of games at E3. Cooking Mama: World Kitchen looks promising and, until I got my hands on it, Major Minor's Majestic March also looked very good. Suffice it to say I was kind of shocked at just how lackluster Our House is, considering it was next to these games at Majesco's booth.

Our House is going to need a lot of renovations before it's ready for a final inspection.

Our House is another mini-game compilation. The problem is, it isn't a very good one. Throughout a series of construction-based mini-games, players must best their competitors.

The demo started out with a trip to the local store. Here, you race your competition throughout the aisles and try to pick up one of the power-ups sitting in the aisle. Once you grab it and make it back to the cashier, you'll then be awarded a bonus for an upcoming mini-games.

Mini-games include tasks such as directing the flow of water through pipes (think the hacking in Bioshock) and demolishing a kitchen with a hammer. There was also another mini-game where I had to dig a yard before everyone else, tossing my dirt into the other lawns so as to slow down the folks going against me. All in all, these mini-games felt pretty tired and boring.

Our House is ultimately a hollow mini-game compilation. Nothing I played utilized motion-controls well (everything was mostly just pointing at the screen and hitting the A button) and, overall, the title just seemed like a rushed cash-in. I'd suggest you steer clear of Our House.

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