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Flickr Find: Pinewood derby iPhone

Scott McNulty

The words pinewood derby may be meaningless to you, that is unless you were a boy scout. Then, no doubt, the pinewood derby will conjure up many happy memories (I lost miserably at my boy scout troop's pinewood derby, though I only worked on my car for 15 minutes). Now, imagine if a bunch of talented grownups got together and had a pinewood derby. You would get something like the event that the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts just held. Above you see one participant's pinewood derby car all decked out as an iPhone. I hope it is an iPhone 3G, since those are twice as fast (see what I did there?).

Check out the full Flickr set that Jaime Santillan posted, or see the iPhone car here, here and here. And I think you'll recognize some Apple products in this picture as well.

[via MAKE]

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