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Mirror's Edge comic coming from DC

Justin McElroy

Everyone likes to prepare for big video games in different ways. Some like to watch video walkthroughs or even trailers, both of which are very normal. But some people, get this, like to read. And not even normal internet reading like you or me, but reading from paper. Rather than scold this deviant subset, EA is actually encouraging their perversion with a six-part comic book series based on upcoming Mirror's Edge, on DC's Wildstorm imprint.

Here's the weird thing: After fans pick up the first issue at their local shop or at San Diego Comic Con, if they get bored while reading it, do you think they can just poke a different part of the page to read something else? No. No, they can't. They have to literally put the comic down and pick up something else to do. C'mon people, live in the now!

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