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Igarashi definitely looking at WiiWare; we plead for 2D Castlevania


If Castlevania Judgment leaves you confused and alarmed, you can relax a litle; it seems Koji Igarashi spent a lot of time at E3 telling people that this whole WiiWare thing looks pretty cool. Just the other day, we heard from Wired about budget issues and the impact Mega Man could have on Castlevania, and now MTV Multiplayer further word with Igarashi on WiiWare. "I'm definitely interested in WiiWare and I think it's one of the areas that 2D can still be very strong at. I'm very much looking into that."

It seems Mega Man 9 really is going to determine the fate and future of a certain style of gaming, so it's a good thing it looks so completely awesome. We have little doubt that a great Castlevania title on WiiWare could cause just as much excitement, and probably yield the same results. Let's just hope Konami figures that out, too.

[Via Joystiq]

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