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Marc and Dexter: Ecko making iPhone-only slasher


We don't remember Naughty Dog's wise-cracking ottsel brandishing a knife, but hey, we're always open to crazy new ideas. Oh, this is Dexter, the hit Showtime series about a forensics expert who also happens to be a serial killer (of other killers). Whoops.

Anyway, IGN has a story out of San Diego Comic-Con 08 that is sure to put a sour puss on anyone who was waiting for a console game based on the show. Ecko, who acquired the rights to Dexter for game-making purposes back in March, revealed during a panel that the game is only coming to iPhone and iPod Touch. It was also revealed that the game will be episodic in nature – hey, like the show! Coincidence, surely. Mr. Ecko is certainly no stranger to spray paint, but blood spray? Start practicing those stabbing motions with your fancy phones, folks ... but just do it in the privacy of your own home for the sake of not looking like a total loon, 'kay?

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