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Revo's Blik RadioStation gets iPod dock, becomes iBlik RadioStation


Apparently looking to give Bose a run for its money when it comes to long overdue product upgrades, Revo has now finally seen fit to gift its Blik RadioStation with an iPod dock, a move that follows its similarly risky forays into the rarely explored fields of WiFi and DAB radio. Apart from that welcome addition, however, this newly-dubbed iBlik RadioStation looks to be identical to its most recent predecessor, with it packing the same WiFi and DAB as before and, of course, the same love-it-or-hate-it styling. If that's a bit too much for you to handle, Revo has also kindly introduced the DAB-less iBlik WiFi, which will set you back £130 (or about $260), as opposed to the £180 (or $360) the full blown iBlik RadioStation will run you. Look for both of 'em to hit Europe next month.

[Via Slash Gear]

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