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Unlock the Uncharted Trophies beginning Aug. 22 ... or not [update]


[Update: Not so fast, turns out the information cited by was PS3 Fanboy's Andrew Yoon on the PlayStation Nation Podcast. At around 56 minutes in, Andrew simply reiterated what Naughty Dog's Evan Wells already told us: that the developer was targeting the "middle of next month" to add Trophy support to Uncharted. Additionally, a Naughty Dog rep told us that, while August 22nd very well may be the date, they wouldn't know ... it hasn't been chosen yet.] has allegedly confirmed that Trophies will be added to Naughty Dog's Uncharted Drake's Fortune on August 22. Despite a form of "achievements" originally being part of Uncharted, we'd been told previously that the Trophies will not be retroactive, so prepare to play the adventure all over again.

Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells mentioned previously that adding the Trophy patch for the game was "incredibly easy" because of the medal system the company already implemented in the game. Now that's thinking ahead.

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