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More Korg DS-10 info than we can understand


1UP's interview with Korg DS-10 producer Nobuyoshi Sano and Korg staff covers a lot of little details that we would never think to ask! For example, about linking up eight systems playing the thing and using one as a master. And about interfacing with other synthesizers.

But the parts of it that are simple enough for non-synth users (and non-programmers) like us to parse sound pretty neat. Prospective DS DJ types will be pleased to hear that Korg has, uh, "designed a type of limiter circuit in DS-10's internal mixer" in order to boost the program's sound output beyond the normal quiet DS levels. It's really not as technical as we make it sound, but we can't help but get into "WHAT IS THIS CONTRAPTION" mode whenever we see a screenshot of Korg DS-10 in action.


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