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Addon Spotlight: GoGoMount

Sean Forsgren

For this week's addon, I thought I would share one that is built around a macro that we've hinted at over at Macro Anatomy. This addon has been abandoned by the author, but there is a patch available that will update it to work with 2.4. (Although I am using the "unpatched" version just fine.)

GoGoMount will pick the most appropriate mount for you based on given conditions. If you can use a flying mount, it will summon your flyer, otherwise it will randomly select from your ground mounts. (This includes summoned mounts for Paladins and Warlocks.) If you have multiple flying mounts, it will randomly select one of these as well.

It supports Druid travel forms and Ghost Wolf for Shamans as well. So, in less words; this addon is your one-stop mounting shop.

There are a few slash commands that you can use to interface with GoGoMount, which provide ways to set preferences for certain zones. (Frostwolf Howler in Alterac Valley? Yes.) Here are the commands:

  • /gogo auto : Toggles auto dismount when gathering or using offensive abilities
  • /gogo ItemLink : Use the name of the item you wish to add to your preferred mount for a particular zone. (Hint: you can shift-click the actual item to input it into the command)
  • /gogo SpellName : Use this the same way as the ItemLink command
  • /gogo clear : Clears your preferred mounts
  • /gogo spell : This toggles the inclusion of summoned mounts and forms in the randomized mount selection
You can also go into your "Keybindings" menu to designate a keystroke for mounting, and dismounting, if you choose. Using this method, you don't have to have a button on your actionbar to mount. (I use Shift-R, which mounts and dismounts me.) One thing I noticed was that if I'm on my Shaman, it will mount me up normally when I can, however, if I am running and press my mount command, it shifts me into Ghost Wolf. (Three cheers for instant-cast Ghost Wolf.) This functionality is great for getting into a travel form quickly and smartly.

If you prefer to have a button on your action bar, just a make a macro with the following command:
  • /click GoGoButton
There you have it, folks, a small yet useful addon for mounting. If you have issues with the downloaded version, just grab the patch for GoGoMount and ride off into the virtual sunset. Dismissed.

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