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Check out the star-studded Afro Samurai trailer

There are three things in this world for which we possess an unbridled, white-hot love: The warriors of feudal Japan, outrageously large disco hairstyles, and Samuel L. Jackson. As you can imagine, we've been fans of Afro Samurai since it made its American debut on SpikeTV in 2007 -- though we've been somewhat apprehensive towards the Namco brawler based on the stylish mini-series, which we got our first look at during last year's VGAs. However, the trailer posted above hits all the right notes -- amazing voice actors, attractive visuals, wicked acrobatic maneuvers, and a soundtrack by the Wu Tang Clan's RZA. With this latest trailer, and our brief time with the game at E3, we feel comfortable giving Afro Samurai the Joystiq Seal of Certified Freshness.

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