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Japanese hardware sales, July 14 - July 20: Turn-based edition

Video above provides suggested musical accompaniment for the following post.

A wild Japanese Hardware Sales Chart attacks!

Go, Fanboy!
Fanboy uses Defense Force!
Fanboy's DEF sharply increased!
Sales Chart uses Red Arrows!
It's not very effective...
Fanboy uses Faulty Logic!
Sales Chart counters with Embarrassing Correction!
Fanboy self-destructs!

I choose you, Developer!
Developer uses Hype Beam!
It's very effective!
Sales Chart uses Green Arrows!
Sales Chart regains health!
Developer is counting down...
Sales Chart uses Publisher!
Publisher interrupts the countdown!
Developer uses Big Reveal!
But it fails...
Sales Chart uses Negative Fan Reaction!
Developer fainted!

The enemy is weak, go get 'em, Blogger!
Blogger uses Sarcatsic Post!
Blogger made a typo!
Sales Chart uses Angry Editor!
It's super effective!
Blogger uses an Ultra Ball!
Blogger caught a Japanese Hardware Sales Chart!

- PSP: 74,024 17,026 (29.87%)
- DS Lite: 54,531 5,991 (12.34%)
- Wii: 40,803 965 (2.31%)
- PS3: 11,253 1,205 (9.67%)
- PS2: 9,535 870 (8.36%)
- Xbox 360: 4,208 401 (10.53%)

[Source: Media Create]

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