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Ask a beta tester: Let's get this party started!


So you haven't found your way into the Wrath of the Lich King beta. We're sorry for you -- no, really, we cried all through the beta login screen, after which point we were immediately distracted by, well, we'd tell you, but it would be a huge spoiler. However, we're here to ease the pain. Though we don't have the persuasive powers required to convince Blizzard to give you all beta keys of your very own, we can answer your beta-related questions. Do you have a burning Wrath question that you just have to have answered? Leave it in the comments below and tomorrow we'll be back here, same time, same place, to answer some of your questions. We'll keep this up until Wrath of the Lich King launches or until you run out of questions -- but I think we all know which of those is going to come first.

So lets get this party started -- ask us your beta questions!

Update: Thanks so much for all of your questions, folks! However, at this point I've picked questions and answers for Tuesday's edition of Ask a Beta Tester, so hold on to your questions until the next column is upon us!

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