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Boing! Docomodake DS bounces to Europe this fall


As the mascot of Japanese cell phone company NTT docomo, Inc., Docomodake is obviously serious business in his homeland, as the above mountain of plushes, keychains, and cell phone straps attests. In Europe, the chubby mushroom is virtually unheard of, but that hasn't deterred Ignition, who announced this morning that they would bring Boing! Docomodake DS to the region this fall (a listing for the game at Gamestop exists, suggesting a U.S. release is also likely).

Playing as Papa Docomodake, players must track down the other anthropomorphized fungi that make up the Docomodake family, and get them all back to a festival in the Docomodake Forest. To do this, he'll be able to deploy miniature mushrooms who can be used as projectiles to see off enemies, or to form makeshift platforms and ladders. It looks like a fairly light-hearted slice of platformy fun, not to mention cute -- the first screens are waiting for you in our gallery.


[Via press release]

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