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Read the Mirror's Edge comic teaser issue


The gang at Silconera grabbed a copy of the Comic-Con 2008 teaser issue of WildStorm's Mirror's Edge comic, jumped across a few rooftops, performed a couple leaps of faith, then landed safely at the office to scan it. You have to admit that sounds cooler than "EA was handing it out and they scanned it."

Anyway, the site has indeed posted the comic in its teaser-short entirety. It contains dialog from the game, which was previously confirmed to be the work of Heavenly Sword scriptwriter and Alanis Morisette look-alike, Rhianna Pratchett. After reading it, we're left to wonder if we'll be hearing a lot of female protagonist Faith's inner dialog throughout the course of the game as well. We'll find out in November, which is when both the game and the comic book mini-series based on it perform somersaults and land on shelves.

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