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Rooster Teeth creates Achievement/Trophy database site


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Rooster Teeth, best known for the machinima series Red Vs. Blue, is looking to catalog "achievements" across various consoles (including iPhones) with its new site, Achievement Hunter. The site was founded by former X3F achiev-oholic writer David "Knuckles Dawson" Dreger and Rooster Teeth's Corporate Banana (yes, that's on his business card) Geoff Ramsey.

Achievement Hunter currently lists Achievements (or Trophies, or whatever) for each game with a hit-or-miss YouTube aggregator link next to each listing. Dreger tells us that each day a video will be featured on the splash page showcasing an achievement and videos for particularly difficult "ch33vos" will be added to the database as "Hunted." We wish Knuckles all the best in keeping the site going longer than his 681-day achievement streak.

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