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Subcribe to Comcast, get a Wii for fwii


It surely can't be that easy, can it? Of course not. Sure, according to a press release issued today, Comcast is offering a free Wii system to new subscribers who sign up for its "Triple Play" cable TV, phone, and internet package from now through August 17, 2008. It's also offering some fine print to go along with the deal.

Here are the catches. First off, in order to qualify for the freebie (freewii?) you must sign on for two years of Triple Play service in advance, incurring the usual outlandish termination fees should you decide to cancel before 24 months are up. Next, Comcast states that the offer is not available in all service areas and (surprise!) quantities of the Wii consoles are limited. Still, if you don't mind jumping through a few hoops (or were already considering a new cable/phone/internet provider), this may be your ticket to Wiidom.

[Via Engadget]

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