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TR's Feedback Friday details upcoming Clan Owned Control Points

Shawn Schuster

In this weekend's Feedback Friday, Tabula Rasa's QA Lead, Neal "Thade" Johnson, gives us some more insight into the upcoming Clan Owned Control Points. This new feature is something the Destination Games developers have been talking about for a very long time, but it seems we're finally getting closer to seeing them live.

These control points won't be strictly PvP, although they may start out that way. Eventually though, the team hopes to add PvE functionality. Apparently, these control point battles will be set up like a spectator sport called the COCP Rumble Show, complete with host Stewart Richards. You can join these battles as a participant, or simply sit in the hovering observation deck to do a little spectating. The battles will provide certain buffs and prestige point rewards for successful wins, and may just be the one thing (besides PAUs) that players have been waiting for the most.

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