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Blackwater mercs say 'make music, not war'


Okay, maybe what controversial private military company (PMC) Praying Mantis Blackwater Worldwide is actually trying to say by airdropping complete Guitar Hero setups to US troops in Afghanistan is "Make music, not war ... well, actually, make war too – after you've FC'd a few songs."

The Associated Press reports that James Overton, a Blackwater recruiter, wants to bundle an Xbox 360, projector, and an undisclosed Guitar Hero iteration together in a package that can be deployed as a battlefield moral booster. "Every [military] place I've ever been to overseas, they've got like backgammon and Parcheesi and chess, and they're all gathering dust," Overton told the AP, adding, "But this is the stuff they play at home. And any semblance of home we can give them is best."

Overton did not disclose who the troops call if their 360 displays a Red Ring of Death as a result of being dropped from the transport plane.

[Via Gamasutra]

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