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Canada planning auction of "highly prized" 700MHz spectrum

Chris Ziegler

Having just completed a rather rousing auction of its AWS spectrum, Canada is now turning its attention to the 700MHz bandwidth that just got sold off south of its borders a few months back. Minister of Industry Jim Prentice says that he reckons an auction will take place about a year and a half from now, giving the dust from the AWS action enough time to settle -- and with any luck, there'll be some new players in the market by that point that could potentially give the big guys a run for their money on some of the licenses. If the US is any indication, much of the spectrum would ultimately be allocated by its winners to 4G buildouts, which require immense swaths of bandwidth to be maximally effective. Can't complain about that, unless you hate speed, we guess. Which we don't.

[Via MobileSyrup]

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