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Guildwatch: Baby momma drama

Mike Schramm

You'd think that with the expansion coming, people would be taking a break from this game -- you'd think raiding would slow down, drama would subside (since it's a lot easier now then it used to be to get lots of great gear), and that recruiting would slow down. But this week's Guildwatch is a testament to players' dedication everywhere -- the raiding hasn't stopped, a few guilds are still picking up stragglers, and people are as selfish and whiny about their loot as ever. It warms our heart. Kind of.

Drama, downed and recruiting news all after the break. If you've got news for GW, don't hesitate to send it along: On to the good stuff (including a baby momma drama llama).


  • This is so hilarious it's probably fake. But still funny, soap opera style. It's a throwdown between Cleeo of Cabal of the Dark Lady, and Piggytails of Fresh Produce on Kirin Tor. I especially enjoyed: "We're both very excited we'll be having a child together come this xmas time." As another poster says, it's pure "KT baby momma drama."
  • New Breed on Blackwater Raiders, formerly #4 guild on the server, we're told, is done raiding. Follow the news posts back down a bit, and you'll see that they had a few officers depart on them with some goodies from the guild bank. It's like watching a water balloon get popped in reverse.
  • Here's a followup to the news about Clan Destined from last week: we got an email from one of the folks who reportedly stole the raiding team from them, and he says that the reason they all left was that while they were progressing well, the former GM still wanted gear from ZA, and so he didn't schedule any other runs (on nights when people could attend) other than that old instance that the rest of them were done with. They also say they're 4/6 and 2/4, which complete contradicts what we were told before. Either way, we hope both guilds are happily doing what they want, whether it's dropping Kael or finishing off the bear mounts.
  • Thanks a lot, Eitrigg, for banning this character just because they beat you in duels. Thanks, Eitrigg. Thanks a lot. Real nice. REAL nice, Eitrigg.
  • Another update from last week -- we were told that Reason of Korgath had supposedly uprooted and become Treason on Dark Iron. But another tipster says the rumors of the transfer were greatly exaggerated -- they've been seen still raiding BT on Korgath. So apparently whoever uprooted the guild left some people behind and/or thought they were more representative of the old guild than they really were.
  • Knights of the Fallen on the Dark Iron realm had some trouble recently -- an officer named Vlaks apparently demoted the Raid Leader in the middle of a Supremus attempt, and another officer named Krisha, using the GM's account, stepped in to demote Vlaks, who then /quit in protest. The next day, the GM returned, and /gkicked Krisha for supposedly abusing his power. Krishna explained that he'd only stepped in to avoid drama in the middle of a boss fight, and the GM, we're told, then decided that they were cutting back on raiding anyway. Eventually, over 40 members quit with Krishna and formed a new guild, Dark Embers, and we're told they were able to then go right back up to Supremus and drop him in less than a day. Here's what we'd like to know: why did Vlaks demote the Raid Leader in the first place?
  • "Hey everybody, it's completely OK for me to ninja my own guild's bank because those guys suck and raiding is almost over and I don't care about people other than me. It's ok, see?" "What's that, you don't agree with me? Well #$(*) you!" You're right, Snuggleybear of Trials and Tribulations of Cho'gall -- pre-WotLK raiding is almost over. But just see if you can get into a guild in Northrend with that hideous attitude. Man, both of those threads are just obnoxious beyond belief -- I almost apologize for posting them, but we're here to show you the worst of the worst, and man that's it.
  • Sorry, but doesn't posting on your alt about drama kind of defeat the purpose? We're not sure of the whole story here -- Kartog has something to do with it, and someone took a Sunfire Robe that others though didn't belong to them, but our tipster says that Sparta always runs with open rolls on the Robe. Never take a Robe that doesn't belong to you, especially if it's supposed to be rolled on by the raid.
  • Dusk Raiders on Cenarion Circle-A says they killed Archimonde. Which is a little weird -- I always thought it was the wisps that did it.
  • A mere two weeks after killing Kael'thas, FortyTwo of Whisperwind have downed 4/5 in Hyjal Summit and 3/9 in Black Temple. Archimonde is on notice -- grats, guys!
  • DreamWhisper of Windrunner killed Brutallus on the first attempt of the night. Very nice!
  • Forbidden on EU Hellscream has been going over rough ground lately -- they lost some folks to slow progression, but were able to gain some new blood, and this week, it all paid off: Morogrim, Loot Reaver, Solarian and Rage all dropped in front of them. Very good start -- now time to push on into the rest of those instances and give the bosses what for!
  • Absolution (Suramar-A) has been extremely busy -- they've downed Zul'jin and Hex Lord, Kaz'rogal, and Naj and Supremus. They say Vashj remains on notice, but they're planning to skip her for Shade of Akama. I say either put Akama on notice or skip Vashj completely, you only get one per guild! They're also recruiting: Holy Priest, Resto Shammy, and a Warlock. I've been playing my Hunter a lot lately -- does that mean I have to stop calling out Resto Shammies?
  • Dance Commanders of Eredar have also been downing like mad: Fathom Lord dropped, and Al'ar is on notice now. Very nice job, raiders, and your GM wants to thank you all for putting the hours in.
  • HongKong on Aman'thul-A downed Bloodboil, putting RoS on notice (down to 40% so far) and Mother S won't be far behind.
  • Knights of the Legion on EU Draenor have SSC and TK one night farm, so they used their extra time to drop Supremus and Shade of Akama. Gorefiend is on notice for next time.
  • The Crimson Knights on Aerie Peak scored a Magtheridon flawless victory (no deaths at all). Very nice -- we're putting Lurker Below on notice for you.
  • Balance of Judgement (and their allies) downed Gruul after a few really close calls. Grats! Maggy's on notice for next month.
  • OG on Detheroc downed Solarian on their second attempt last week. That means they're 5/6 SSC 3/4 TK and they say Rage Winterchill should go down soon. Wait, Rage? What's with all of you guys skipping Kael and Vashj? Do we need to bring attunements back into the mix?
  • Risen from the Ashes is a dedicated raiding alliance on Thorium Brotherhood who downed Zul'Jin last week. They are still looking for a few good Mages, healers, and a Feral Druid to join their ranks as they make their way into Serpentshrine Cavern. Hydross, you are on notice.
  • A Perfect Circle on EU The Sha'tar has just downed Vashj after a few weeks of sporadic attempts. That means they've cleared SSC, leaving them 3/4, 4/5 and 4/9. Kael is on notice next, although they also run some casual stuff -- Hogger has fallen to them many times, we hear.
  • Progression on Shadowsong lived up to their name and downed Leotheras the Blind. And one of their ZA groups defeated Hex Lord Malacrass and Zul'jin, both guild first kills, and another group duplicated that feat the next day. The resist sets are ready for Hydross, so he's on notice.
  • Eternal Legacy of Blackwater Raiders downed Kael'thas Sunstrider and cashed in their vials for shiny new "Hand of Adal" titles. Grats! They're up to Bloodboil so far, so he's on notice.
  • Past Tense on Bronzebeard proudly announces that they finally downed Lady Vashj to many cheers and celebrations. Apparently they think our "worth every wipe" official Guildwatch slogan is overused, but they say that doesn't make it any less true.
  • Pango Honoratus (server?) has downed A'lar, Loot Reaver, and the four animal bosses of ZA! They're headed to the end of both ZA and TK in the future, so we'll give you the Hex Lord on notice.
  • Absolute Power on Baelgun-A stepped into T6 content and took down 2 bosses in MH and 3 bosses in BT (third being Shade). They're aiming for taking down Illy D by Wrath -- I think you can do it.
  • Knights of the Shadows on Kalecgos has taken a break from Hyjal and BT to go back and finish up the last two bosses in the Tier 5 content. Lady Vashj went down on their second night of attempts, and Kael'thas is on notice! That's what I like to see.
  • We Have Jobs (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Illidan one-shotted every boss in Hyjal up until Archimonde (with a 5 man mage party leading the charge in damage done, though most of it was AoEing the trash) and lasted all of two minutes against him. No worries -- you'll go back and take him out eventually.
  • Wolf Guards on EU Nordrassil would proudly like to announce their first ever kill of The Lurker Below, marking their first kill at Tier 5-level. Hydross the Unstable is on notice. Grats! Also recruiting: Warlock, Shadow Priest, Holy Priest and Resto Shaman to round out their raiding team.
  • Carpe Noctem on Aerie Peak-H two-shotted Karathress, and almost brought down Vashj -- in fact, she's probably dead by now.
  • Poor Play on the Uldum-A downed Kil'jaeden last week. Grats!
  • After about a month of rebuilding after losing an Illidan flame tank to transfer-itis, House of Arathor (a day one guild on Argent Dawn) finally downed Illidan. Afterwards, they went into Sunwell for the first time as a celebration and made their first attempts on Kalecgos. BT/Hyjal farming is rolling on, with the extra gear, they're ready to wreck the rest of Sunwell.
  • Honor Guard of Thunderhorn is still progressing nicely. Three bosses have dropped in Black Temple, and they've broken into the top 10 guilds on Wowjustsu. Very nice.
  • Orb on Stormreaver finished off Hydross, true to their promise from last week. Lurker was on the menu too, but they ran out of time -- he's up next.
  • Mystic Daggers of EU Azjol Nerub downed Anetheron, even despite an exodus of folks who thought they were l335er than the rest of the guild. Apparently Wrath problems are hitting their server early, but they tell us with confidence that they're up for weathering the storm with panache.
  • The Departed of Kul Tiras dropped Brutallus for another server first (ABZ9 -- we don't know what that means, but if the FBI shows up at our door asking about secret codes, we're sending them straight to your GM).
  • Exquisite Pain is a GLBT-friendly Horde raiding guild on the Proudmoore Server with a foundation of experienced raiders who have cleared up to the Illidari Council, and are currently looking for people to rebuild a raiding team to head even further. Please be mature, committed, like-minded, open and accepting of alternative lifestyles.
  • Slave to the Grind (Sen'jin-H) has progressed to 5/6 SSC 2/4 TK 2/5 MH and is currently recruiting appropriately geared players for further progression.
  • Requiem, a raiding Horde guild on Silvermoon, is currently looking for a competent Holy Paladin, Warlock, Resto Shaman, with the possible addition of Protection Warrior. The guild is currently 5/5 MH, 9/9 BT,
    with Kalecgos on notice.
  • Two Percent is one of the oldest guilds on the Uldaman server, and are seeking players of all styles and types. No one is forced to raid, but there is casual 25 man raiding to be had -- please be friendly, fun, mature, and drama free. They're especially seeking tanks and healers to help out with SSC and TK and onward. PST in game or hit up the forum to fill out an app.
  • LCN (formerly known as La Costa Nostra -- they claim the name change is a drama story for another post, and I think I speak for all of you when I say we'd like to hear it) is constantly looking for new players -- they've been rolling with the best guilds on Alleria for a while now, holding down the #3 spot on Horde side. They're recruiting talented players with a laid back attitude ready to work for progression.
  • Legends of Kaos on Terenas US (H) is recruiting to flesh out raids for Gruul's and is preparing for Mag, SSC and beyond. All classes are welcome, but tanks are especially needed. No major gear requirements, but knowing your class is a definite plus, and team players are what they're looking for - show up prepared, play well with others, and try to relax and have fun together.
Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the strange case of Rob Parkins, and the Robin Hood of Gurubashi. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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