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Mass Effect DLC now on PC for free

Justin McElroy

PC gamers have long had to deal with the problems of their platform of choice (frequent upgrading, higher price, etc.) but they've also reaped the rewards: Namely, a lot of crap for free that their console-wielding brethren pay for. Just a few days after Microsoft of all companies finally realized that, PC gamers get another dollop of free content with the "Bring Down the Sky" DLC pack for Mass Effect.

To get it, just boot up Mass Effect and look for instructions at the launch screen. Alternatively, hit up Big Download to grab the BDtS update and 1.01 patch before heading to BioWare's site to get yourself all registered up. Then, just focus not on how long ago the 90 minutes of content came to 360 (spoiler: four and a half months ago) but rather just on how very, very free it is.

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