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Resident Evil 4 vs. Resident Evil 5 vid showcases scary similarities


We'd like to share the game comparison video one person dared to create. One person who goes by the nom de keyboard of "WiiSixty" on GameTrailers, which is fitting since they've created a short subject film pitting Resident Evil 4 for Wii against Resident Evil 5 for 360.

The video runs on a bit, but it nevertheless does a solid job of comparing everything from weapon reload animations to door opening animations (helpfully shown above) to the way enemies react when shot. We'll give you one guess which game's prettier overall, but we think the gameplay similarities between the two might surprise you. Well, maybe they won't, since we've already talked about just how much won't be changing from RE4 to RE5.

(Note: Looks like the embeddable video has caught a bad case of the T-virus; you'll have to hit up GameTrailers to watch it.)

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