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LG's CB630 "Invision" coming to AT&T Mobile TV in August

Chris Ziegler

So, we figure one of two things has happened here: either the Samsung Access has been a solid seller for AT&T, leading the carrier to request a near-clone from competitor LG -- or LG saw the Access and felt compelled to provide a clone of its own volition. Either way, the CB630 Invision is getting to the AT&T Mobile TV fight a little late, because we're actually hearing that the Access is already scheduled for an official sunset (not Sunset) on August 24, along with the Sony Ericsson Z750, Samsung SLM, and the Mobile TV-less version of the LG Vu, the CU915. We're also hearing that it'll launch on August 13 for $99.99 on contract with a $50 rebate, so getcha popcorn ready, people.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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