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PerversionTracker returns

Giles Turnbull

Oh yes. The site that hates Mac software -- all of it, without exception -- is back to hate some more.

PerversionTracker has returned after a long, long hiatus, and now it has iPhone software in its sights. (For the uninitiated, the old PerversionTracker took Mac apps and ripped them to pieces while screaming with joy.) No word on whether the folks at VersionTracker are irked, peeved or fuming.

Why has it returned now? What could possibly have got those hate glands working again? After all, everything in the App Store has to be approved by the gods of Apple before it goes live. There won't be anything worth hating. Will there?

UPDATE: The PerversionTrackers got in touch to remind me that they don't hate all Mac software. Only the bad stuff. My apologies for the misrepresentation, and thanks to the 'Trackers for their laid-back approach to correcting over-excited journalists.

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