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Reminder: It's Winter's Veil in July!

Mike Schramm

"Ho ho hello, everyone! It is I, Greatfather Winter, reminding you that time is running out on your chance to enter WoW Insider's Winter's Veil in July contest. Yes, I and the kind folks at Smokeywood Pastures -- fresh from our farm to your plate, it's Smokeywood Pastures' wholesome goodness -- and Upper Deck are giving away a TCG Winter's Veil Gift set right here on WoW Insider in the middle of summer! Huzzah.

"To enter, I hear you have to go to our contest post, and put a comment there (one per person, must be in the USA or Canada, full rules available here). Please note: you must comment on that post, as putting a comment on this post will get you nothing but on my naughty list -- although that means that you might get some of Smokeywood Pastures' new line of coal products. They'll warm your fire so well, you'll feel just like me on Winter's Veil Eve.

"Wait, what? That makes no sense. Anyway, folks, your Great-father Winter is getting pretty tired here -- unlike the usual Winter's Veil festival, I don't have players bringing me cookies and milk all the time during the summer, so I get a little parched. But do make sure to run back to that post and comment, and have a happy -- what is this? July. From your friends at Smokeywood Pastures. I give up. Where's the Schnapps?"

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