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60GB Xbox 360 now shipping from Amazon


A few 60GB Xbox 360s may have already slipped out to retailers (as evidenced above), but if you're not interested in running around trying to track one down, you can now snag one from Amazon and rest assured that it'll ship out post haste. If you've been following this SKU's every move, you'll notice that's a few days ahead of the August 4th date that Amazon once listed, and the August 6th date that Circuit City still does -- but hey, we're not complaining.

[Thanks, Michael]

Update: Microsoft's Major Nelson has now confirmed that there is no official street date for the new 60GB model, "they'll just appear in the retail channels." Is this what happens when Bill G is out of the picture? Next thing we know Microsoft will start showing up late for parties and asking to sleep on our couch.

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