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First picture of the Greensboro, NC Apple Store under construction


North Carolinians can start to polish up their credit cards, as the long-awaited Greensboro Apple Store (to be located at The Shops at Friendly Center, a heck of a nice place to spend your money) is now underway. The Iconfactory's Ged Maheux was kind enough to send us this parking-lot snapshot of the site -- looks like a big one.

ifoAppleStore had a mid-summer target for the Greensboro store to open, which seems optimistic bordering on impossible at this point. A commenter on Ged's blog hinted that the delay in construction may have been the result of a proximity dispute; Apple is a bit picky about which stores can cohabit with the glass wonderlands, and now that the neighborhood is up to snuff the project is underway.

By the way, if you've ever wondered what the offices (and the denizens) of the Iconfactory really look like, you can catch a glimpse via this local news report on the company.

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