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Mythic's stance on monetizing cut WAR content

Kyle Horner

A thread/poll over at the Warhammer Alliance forums recently asked its denizens if they would be angry at Mythic Entertainment for charging money for the previously-cut Warhammer Online content via an expansion. The results appear to be drawn down the middle. While that may not be indicative of how the majority of players would feel about Mythic putting the previously talked about content in its first expansion, it's not the most important side to the story. The important thing to take from all of this is the post that Mark Jacobs makes very early on in the thread. He compares the cut content to a director cutting specific scenes out of a movie in order to make it a better experience and releasing said content at a later point on the DVD release.

If that analogy doesn't make things quiet clear, Jacobs helps assuage possible fears by ending his post with, "if/when we bring back those classes and these cities (sorry for the if, don't read more into it, just being careful) that players will not have to buy them from us as part of a paid expansion but rather just part of the content updates that we did so well for DAoC." We're happy to hear it and hope for an expedient release of that content. We really had our hearts set on being a Blackguard.

[via theGREENskin]

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