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Nokia looking to bring N-Gage empire to consoles?

Chris Ziegler

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Perhaps one of the largest barriers to a massive, all-out, unqualified success for Nokia's latest incarnation of N-Gage is that it takes two to tango -- yes, it's as much a single-player gaming platform as it is a multi-player one, but the community features are its crown jewel and it's pretty tough to find another N-Gager in some parts of the world. Nokia's Aki Jarvilehto told attendees of the Develop 2008 conference that it's looking at using N-Gage's "assets" on Xbox Live or PlayStation Online, though it's not clear whether there'd be any interactivity between console players and their mobile equivalents, or if Nokia's just looking for another revenue stream to augment on-phone sales. Either way, Creatures of the Deep on the big screen without having to jack into our N95's TV-out? Bring it on.

[Via The Nokia Blog]

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