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'What is Treadstone?' A multiplayer Bourne sequel, apparently

While investigating the digital fate of Sierra's Bourne franchise – which, after being passed over by Bond-owning Activision Blizzard, returned to Ludlum Entertainment – Variety's Ben Fritz uncovered details on "Treadstone," the sequel to High Moon Entertainment's recent console debut, already under development at fellow Sierra developers Radical Entertainment.

"What is Treadstone?" you ask, in your best Matt Damon impersonation. According to Variety "it's a multi-player online game set in the world of the spy agency that trained Bourne." We'll assume that contraction is short for "it was" because, whad'ya know, "production has stopped" on the project. Perhaps once Ludlum Entertainment finds a new publisher for Bourne, whatever work Radical has already invested in "Treadstone" will find a new home, but that sounds unlikely to us. Instead, Treadstone will exist in that one place where They can never take it away from us: our imaginations.

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